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Film catalogue of digitized cinema classics based on Drupal.


Digitised European film heritage

Together with EUROPE´S FINEST, we have created an easily accessible and easy-to-use film catalogue platform that completely adapts to the needs of our customers.


Customer: reelport GmbH
URL: http://www.finest-film.com/
Activities: conception, development, hosting, system administration, operation and support, support, project management
Sector: Video and Film
Technologies: Drupal, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Digital film rarities

From Herzog, Dreyer and Bergman to Rohmer, Lamprecht and Zetterling, from outstanding silent films to the pearls of Icelandic film – European film heritage digitally back in the cinema!

One of EUROPE’S FINEST’s key objectives is to preserve Europe’s cinematic heritage, detect rarities, restore and digitise them to the highest quality, and offer more digital content to cinemas with the appropriate equipment. Although a large number of cinemas have now been digitally converted, there is a lack of digital repertoire content in particular.

With an extensive catalogue of currently around 150 European film classics and current art house films, EUROPE’S FINEST offers a wide range of masterpieces of European cinematography and is the rights holder for films in several European territories.

For older films and classics, EUROPE’S FINEST is often the second chance. Films that previously could not be screened because only a limited number of 35mm copies were left or because the quality of the screening was no longer reasonable can now be screened again.

Catalogued film classics