Hosting for more data security

Hosting and software development from one source

As trained system integrators, we know how server systems should be set up and administered to optimize the hosting for more data security. Since our development is also maily done using Linux, we focus clearly on Linux-based distributions . Therefore we at Webrunners von den beiden devOps Plattformen . Therefore we at Webrunners have operated and administrated our internal systems from the beginning, as it is also part of our name. We also very early focused on virtualization concepts to optimize resources and processes. So you can get both in one, hosting and software development, from us.

Hosting in germany

Hosting in Germany

Our hosting runs according to the requirements of the German Data Protection Act - secure, reliable and stable.

CMS hosting

No matter if TYPO3, Drupal or Django CMS- our hosting already includes the corresponding toolkit.

Stable speed

We ensure reliable and stable performance with regular speed optimization - so that your project becomes a success.


We work with hardened concepts, for which we carry out regular updates and maintenance measures. We consider all involved components in regard of the security.


Hosting with advantage: One contact person and everything from one source

As a software developer and hosting service provider, we offer you the advantage of receiving everything you need to create and operate a modern web application from a single source.

  • Creation of hosting concept and setup
  • Provision and configuration of the required systems
  • firewall administration
  • special server hardening if required
  • Create and manage SSL Certificates
  • Domain booking and administration
  • DNS management
  • System backups or creation of special backup concepts
  • System Monitoring

Hosting of the finished web application

Since we already operate an internal infrastructure for testing and acceptance of projects during the software development phase, you can easily use our infrastructure to host your finished application.

This is also less costly for ourselves, as we can work with the same processes and tools that we already use for web development. This eliminates the need for us to familiarize ourselves with other systems or processes and often significantly reduces the effort involved in deploying or updating the software. So this approach is a clear win-win for you and us.

Professionally operated data centers

We use the services of professionally operated data centers for hosting. This various certified data centers ensure adequate security measures such as access protection. However, a great deal of effort is also put into ensuring the reliability of the servers.

Wie sagt man so schön? Schuster bleib bei deinem Leisten! Da wir uns somit über die Hardware keine Gedanken machen müssen, können wir uns auf die Betreuung der Systeme durch adäquate Monitoring-, Backup und Sicherheitskonzepte konzentrieren.

That is why most of our customers find and use this solution to be the simplest and also the most cost-effective. We would be pleased to submit you a comparative offer.

Safe & reliable

As a rule thumb, something is considered to be safe if the effort to obtain it is greater than the benefit you gain from it. In times of automated attacks by so-called script kiddies on servers and software, this approach is no longer quite sufficient. Because the effort to test systems for vulnerabilities has decreased dramatically by fully automating it.
How secure a web application actually is against attacks always depends on the sum of all components involved. This includes the operating system, used subsystems like database or application servers. But also the application itself must have been developed in accordance with recognized best practices. For this we at Webrunners rely on proven concepts, frameworks and security in hosting.
However, the weakest link in the chain is always decisive. Even if a server is securely configured with all its components, regular updates and maintenance measures must still be installed and carried out if required.

Server as well as network components and power generators are redundant and defined system availability can be guaranteed. This means that if one component fails, another one takes over the service and a corresponding warning is issued.

Specific hosting solutions for individual requirements

Wir bieten Ihnen bei Bedarf ein, auf die Webanwendung zugeschnittes Hosting-Konzept an. Das sind heutzutage in der Regel sehr günstige virtuelle Server, deren Ressourcen auch später einfach vergrößert werden können. Somit muss nur gezahlt werden, was aktuell wirklich benötigt wird. 

Wir kümmern uns bei diesen Systemen je nach Beauftragung um die Einrichtung, Konfiguration, Absicherung und die laufenden Updates für die genutzten Software-Komponenten – denn individuelle Anforderungen benötigen spezifische Hosting Lösungen.

Cloud hosting or alternative hosting approaches

Alternatively, with so-called Platform as a Service (PaaS) even this level of the systems can be abstracted. In these cases, only the service, such as a database or a messaging system, is booked. Security updates of the operating system or other software components used are no longer a concern in this case.

We use providers like Amazon AWS as well as Heroku, HostEurope or Hetzner.

If required, we can configure and guarantee hosting purely in Germany and so contractually fulfil legally relevant requirements.

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