Technologies for your individual software

Which technology is the right choice for an individual software?

Before we develop solution approaches, we, as an IT agency, first listen to you carefully. On the basis of requirements, framework conditions and objectives, we can then make suggestions and narrow down the appropriate technology for the desired individual software.

Working in software development since 1998, we got in touch with quite some technologies, concepts and developments. This way, we experienced that technologies and development languages become more or less interchangeable. However, good software developers understand the underlying concepts and can therefore assess the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches very well toest technology.

The right technology selection

Selection criteria

There are often two parts to the development of web applications: an editorial part, where content is created and presented, and a technical part, where certain functions or workflows are executed. Therefore, the decisive question for us when selecting technology is whether the editorial or the technical part predominates.

Value Analysis

If the decision is not so obvious or if requirements and criteria are difficult to evaluate, we will be happy to create a benefit analysis. With its help, criteria can be collected, weighted and different solution approaches can be compared. This results is an easy to understand, comprehensible and clear recommendation for decision makers, for you.

Editorial shares

Is the editorial part of your project predominant?Then a content management system (CMS) such as TYPO3 or Drupal, which can be modularly extended with its own functions, is often a very good choice.

Specific tasks

If the web application should fulfill a very specific task or if there are very individual requirements, the use of a framework for application development is the method of choice. In this case, Python Django, for example, can be used to quickly develop the foundation, such as a user administration, a notification system or even special database structures.


In combination with Python programming, the web framework Django allows us to realize various types of web development within a very short time according to your wishes. A high degree of flexibility as well as an individual implementation for you as a user are naturally included.


React enables the front-end and back-end technologies to be independent. This means that the user interface can be redeveloped without having to adapt the backend to new technologies, and vice versa. Furthermore, web, Android and IOS apps can access the same interface of the server, so that the same backend can be used.


As one of the most important and most frequently used Content Management Systems in Germany, numerous companies today rely on TYPO3 for web development. Individual solutions, fitting extensibility and many other positive factors have made TYPO3 one of the market leaders in the CMS segment.

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