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Brabender® Extensograph® MetaBridge®​

Remotely measured, controlled and read - the control and measurement software for the Brabender® Extensograph®.


The Extensographen® from Brabender® can be used in the laboratory to measure the elongation properties of dough. This allows the properties of dough and grain to be derived, which is why the extensograph is used in the laboratories of mills and large bakeries.


Customer: Brabender® GmbH & Co. KG
Activities: Development
Sector: Chemicals and food industry
Technologies: .NET

Software for measurement of quality

This is the web-based control software MetaBridge, with which devices from the Brabender product family are centrally controlled and evaluated.

The integration of the extensographer into the MetaBridge was a major success for Webrunners.

Quality is measurable

A motto of the Brabender company, which it has been following successfully for over 90 years now. We are happy to support you, because for us, too, the topic of quality in the area of software development is a valuable commodity.

For the development we were allowed to house an extensograph in our office to test the development directly. The web-based control of a laboratory device was an exciting task for us, because we often don’t get the opportunity to address devices directly.

A nice example of how devices can be controlled via corresponding interfaces in the Internet of Things (IoT) or Industry 4.0 area with web-based development.

Partnership-based implementation