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Rieber °CHECK Cockpit

Development of an application for central temperature measurement in canteen kitchens for Rieber, a leading supplier of kitchen technology for professional gatronomy and private households.


The °CHECK concept allows the temperature of food in canteen kitchens to be monitored in real time. This allows professional chefs to digitally document the relevant HACCP data in real time, retrieve it from anywhere and evaluate it centrally.

In this way the processes in the food flow can be optimised and through the transparent traceability of the processes, quality and hygiene security can be created.


Customer: Rieber GmbH & Co. KG
Commissioned by: STOCKHAUSEN GROUP GmbH
Activities: Technical conception, project management and implementation
Sector: Food, Product Design
Technologies: PHP Symfony, HTML, CSS, Javascript

°CHECK for safe food monitoring mobile or stationary - everything can be recorded

With MOBILE-°CHECK it is possible to record temperatures either with a Bluetooth core temperature sensor and store them via Smartphone App. The unique identification of the food is recorded by a QR code on the container and thus the measurements are assigned. This makes it possible to record temperatures even from different containers.

By means of permanently installed sensors in devices or rooms, AUTO-°CHECK can automatically record temperatures recurrently and regularly. They are transmitted to the °CHECK cockpit by radio and then via the Internet.

The °CHECK Cockpit stores the data of the various sensors centrally so that all relevant information is available at all times and across all organizations.

This server application, designed by Stockhausen Group GmbH and developed by Webrunners, is supplied with temperature information by the devices via interfaces. The sensors can be configured and named for this purpose.

The hierarchical evaluation according to different criteria takes place, according to the authorizations of the respective user, via a clear dashboard.

Central storage and evaluation