Support for self-support – Safe and secure meeting-organisation for Alcoholics Anonymous

Konzeption und Entwicklung einer Anwendung zur Veranstaltungsorganisation und Personalplanung.​

Client: Anonymous Alcoholics Interest Group
Activities: Conception, consulting, development, hosting, operation and support, monitoring
Sector: non-profit organisation
Technologies: Python, Django

Support for self-support - Safe and secure meeting-organisation for Alcoholics Anonymous

In order to coordinate the various meetings of the approximately approx 2000 self-support groups of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) all over Germany, procedures have been developed over many years that enable effective work.

These procedures are a mixture of self-organization and central coordination – on site, the groups work in a self-organized way to make the meetings possible. However, all meetings are managed centrally and announced on the website so that those affected can search there and find a group as close as possible.

Our goal was to map these processes digitally as efficiently and as securely as possible. To achieve this, we first listened a lot, conducted a requirements workshop together with the customer in the form of a user story mapping and developed different approaches to solutions from this.

We compared solution options in the form of value-added analyses and thus provided the customer with a valid basis for decision-making and recommendations.

Measured against the customer’s goals – “To develop a system for the web-based, maintainable and secure administration of AA events, meetings and services” – we jointly succeeded in doing so and the project was a complete success


AA Event Management Software at a glance

  • Digitization of special and individual processes
  • High data security and data protection
  • Good maintainability and easy further development
  • Secure assignment of rights