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reelport Server Virtualization

Migration project for the virtualization of a dedicated server during operation.


Server relocation during ongoing operations – Launched as a submission platform for the Oberhausen Short Film Festival, the TYPO3-based application quickly grew beyond its original purpose. The success of the application quickly led to a critical situation in terms of hardware and scalability.


Customer: reelport GmbH
URL: www.reelport.com
Activities: Analysis, conception, system administration, hosting
Sector: Film & Festivals
Technologies: Linux, Typo3, VMWare

File server, connection to payment gateways

Different components interact in the application of Reelport, therefore a relocation during ongoing operations was a challenge that required clean planning in advance. In addition to stabilizing unreliable hardware, large amounts of data had to be moved.

The “packaging” of the application into a virtual server brought various advantages. In addition to improved manageability – the entire server can be saved and moved as an image – the dynamic allocation of system resources was also an important aspect.

After analyzing and recording all requirements and system participants, the new infrastructure concept was designed and planned.

After the server preparation, installation and configuration of the components and synchronization of the data, the acceptance test could take place. When the system was switched over, the last data changes were finally synchronized and requests were forwarded from the old system to the new system via a proxy server.

The structured migration process enabled the new and scalable infrastructure concept to take over regular operation without downtime.

Better handling and scalability through virtualization