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PicturePipe - A digital solution for international film festivals, filmmakers, producers and distributors.


The digital submission of films for film festivals is a major challenge. The challenge is to ensure efficient server utilization, smooth uploads and streaming and, above all, reliable security.

PicturePipe combines all this in a flexible solution – and is also a complete video library.


Customer: reelport GmbH
URL: http://www.picturepipe.com/
Activities: conception, development, hosting, operation and support, monitoring
Sector: Video and Film
Technologies: Django, Python, Celery, RabbitMQ, Fabric, Docker, REST-APIs, Redis, CloudFront, EC2, S3, JWPlayer, Flash, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, nginx, uWSGI, jQuery, Docker, S3, uWSGI

Smooth flexibility and efficiency

As a provider of digital solutions for film festivals, one of reelport’s tasks is to make the submission of films simpler, faster and, above all, cheaper. In other words, the days when participants submitted DVDs are finally over. Uploading short films via the reelport website already worked very well – but what about Cannes and other international film festivals?

Three challenges, three solutions – all on a flexible basis

  1. Easy upload, efficient conversion and secure streaming
  2. A screening platform for the entire film market
  3. An extensive video library

PicturePipe at a glance

  • Hosting, conversion and streaming of films in one solution
  • Efficient server utilization through cloud solution
  • Flexibly applicable for film festivals, filmmakers, producers, film distributors, etc.
  • Completely adaptable to customer needs (white label solution)
  • Easy integration into your own website
  • Statistics for each film and each user
  • Simple and secure assignment of access rights

PicturePipe in international use

  • Cannes Film Market – Short Film Corner / France
  • Ventana Sur in Buenos Aires / Argentina
  • Short Film Festival in Oberhausen / Germany
  • Tampere Film Festival / Finland
  • Abu Dhabi Film Festival / United Arab Emirates

A control center in the CloudFlexible server performance, which is required for film festivals worldwide, can best be ensured via the cloud. That’s why we have developed a “control center in the cloud” that centrally manages all submissions. For the conversion/editing of the films in the queue, exactly as many servers as are needed always start up – a real just-in-time solution.

PicturePipe – From short film submission to digital solution for international film festivals

Immediately before film festivals, during the submission period, the server load is extremely high. Films are uploaded, converted into a uniform format and are then available to the operators for download or streaming. For the rest of the year, however, the server capacities are barely exhausted – this is neither particularly sensible nor cost-efficient.

PicturePipe offers the right solution.

PicturePipe Upload and Delivery at a glance

  • Hosting, conversion and streaming of films in one solution
  • Efficient server utilization through cloud solution
  • Customizable Player
  • Maximum security (log-in, watermark, SSL)

Optimal integration into the own appearance

Since PicturePipe was developed as a white label solution, the complete registration and upload process can easily be integrated into your own site and adapted to your own needs.

"And action!" - Upload, conversion, streaming