KFC® Jobs

kfc-jobs.de – Website

The website for KFC® Human Resources enables the central control of job advertisements and provides information for prospective trainees.


Informative approach and central management of vacancies – In the look & feel of the brand campaign Is this still fast food? KFC® informs potential employees about the company and offers a search with a variety of filter options. As an independent website, kfc-jobs.de contains further functions based on Drupal that enable the central administration of open vacancies.

Automatically and in the background, job advertisements are made available for integration by jobscout24.de as an export.


Customer: Kentucky Fried Chicken (Great Britain) Ltd., German Branch
Client: Movacom GmbH
URL: http://www.kfc-jobs.de
Activities: Development, Hosting
Sector: Food, Human Resources
Technologies: Drupal, HTML, CSS, Javascript