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Salt & Pepper Event Organization

Conception and development of an application for event organisation and personnel planning.


In order for Salt & Pepper to be able to meet this demand for customer event service, we have developed a web application that is precisely tailored to these needs. Clarity and functionality fit together, all relevant parameters at a glance on a dashboard.


Customer: Salt & Pepper
Activities: conception, development, hosting
Sector: Service & Events
Technologies: Python, Django, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Professional and custom-fit

The team of Salt & Pepper as an event companion makes sure that the course of small and large events is perfectly organized in advance and that clients do not have to worry about anything during the course of the event. This requires precise scheduling and personnel planning and a common view of the matter.

The implementation as a web-based application enables the Salt & Pepper team to organize events in advance from anywhere. Also applications of potential employees, the central collection of relevant documents and proofs is made possible by the tool.

An automated registration process for applicants ensures that all necessary information is available in a formalized and comparable form. In the case of successful applications, all the data entered is directly available in the system – thus simplifying the onboarding of new employees.

Collaboration and accessibility - from anywhere