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Implementation of the website, for the own internet presence, based on Drupal.


The Green Economy Center in Langenfeld offers founders of ecologically oriented companies space in an inspiring environment and offers a good range of infrastructure and advice.


Client: Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Langenfeld mbH

Activities: technical conception, development, hosting

Sector: public bodies

Technologies: Drupal, HTML/CSS

Green technologies preferred

The entire development of the company should be committed to the principle of sustainability. The Green Economy Center is committed to this idea in many respects, because in addition to focusing on green technologies as a sustainability business and socially recognized future technology, a particularly high value is placed on the organic growth of young companies.

In addition to the soft factors that make a location attractive, the consideration of hard facts is also part of the entrepreneurial decision. The Green Economy Center Langenfeld therefore offers an extensive range of premises with a high degree of flexibility and support for young entrepreneurs in the start-up phase.

The face of this project will be implemented by Webrunners on the basis of Drupal.

Mentor for founders and innovators