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DR Real Estate AG - Project Database

Conception and development of an application for the management of real estate projects.


The application supports the business processes within the company and enables structuring and central storage of the process and object data. Key figures for valuation are calculated from the number bases of the objects.


Client: DR Real Estate AG
Activities: Analysis, conception, design, project management, development
Sector: Finance, Real estate
Technologies: Symfony, PHP, HTML

Many inputs - one central unit

As a real estate investment trust (REIT), DR Real Estate AG (formerly Deutsche REIT) receives many offers to buy properties through various channels on a daily basis.

Comparability and a structured valuation process are achieved through Webrunners’ real estate project database. Tailored to the individual needs and processes of DR Real Estate AG, all offers can be recorded centrally.

Special algorithms are used to automatically compare important property key figures with each other and check them for plausibility in the background with the help of automated tests.

In addition to managing objects, the application also maps business processes in the enterprise. This makes the work of employees easier and ensures that work results are complete. For example, the application ensures that the available information is correct and that all necessary documents are available at the right time. It enables you to configure the due diligence process individually and to schedule individual process steps. Automatic notifications are sent for relevant events or escalation processes are set in motion if deadlines are exceeded.

Defined procedure - support of due diligence

The management is responsible for the input to the purchase decision

The application creates object exposés in the form of a PowerPoint presentation at the touch of a button so that efficient purchasing decisions can be made at regular meetings at the executive level. It contains all necessary key figures and photos of the offer in a uniform form.

For daily work, the application offers various export options and interfaces, such as for example for goodbye management. In order to meet legal requirements, an ISO image with all relevant data of a selectable period can be downloaded for archiving at any time.

Various export possibilities