Der Touristik Logo

CI-Net for DER Tourism

DER CI-Net is an agile brand management system for 6,500 employees of Deutsche Touristik GmbH and all its suppliers.


Everything is regulated, from the correct use of the logo to the production of signage and the selection of colours.


Client: DER Touristik GmbH
Commissioned by: Interbrand
Activities: conception, development, project management, hosting, monitoring, support
Sector: Tourism
Technologies: Django, Django CMS, Celery, MySQL, nginx, uWSGI, MySQL

Agile Administration

How does an international company actually manage to look the same all over the world?

The answer: With the help of a CI-Net (CI = Corporate Identity). Because here everything is regulated from the correct use of the logo to the production of signage and the selection of colours – quasi a brand guideline that is available to all users and producers online and with helpful templates.

DER CI-Net at a glance

  • Implementation with individualized Django CMS
  • Optimization for tablets and smartphones (responsive technologies) Clear management of hundreds of pages and downloads
  • Dedicated statistics server for recording visit statistics
  • Comprehensive download center for configurable brand material

CI-Net is the first point of contact for employees of the “Deutsche Reiseagentur Touristik” (German Travel Agency for Tourism), which includes around 500 travel agencies in Germany, when it comes to searching for and researching brand material relating to the company’s numerous internal products and services.

In particular creative and production agencies for the different areas find optimally structured all kinds of material for for example

  • Newsletter,
  • Customer magazines,
  • the online offering platforms
  • and various marketing areas.

Guidelines, brand logos as well as audio files and videos play a special role.